Soilzymes are formulated with bacterial strains targeted for the treatment of soils, waste water treatment plants, oily sumps, grease pits and holding tanks containing hydrocarbons, as well as affected ground/soil areas. Soilzymes are effective in the reduction of organic matter.
Soilzymes help to accelerate in the release of plant available nutrients which are vital to the nutrient cycle. Soilzymes are simple and easy to apply and can be quickly blended with additional soil amending products like Soil Medic.
Soilzymes also contain targeted strains of bacteria that make them effective for biological wastewater treatment of refinery and petrochemical wastes. This concentrated liquid enhances organic removal efficiency in biological systems, providing lower effluent BOD, COD, and TSS.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase reaction rates for organic matter decomposition
  • Accelerated release of plant available nutrients that aid in nutrient cycling of elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur
  • Improved energy for microorganisms
  • Reduces the accumulative effect of chemicals that are harmful to the environment which inhibit soil enzyme activity
  • No toxic; non hazardous; non mutagenic
  • Improves over-all soil quality thus providing a foundation for environmental quality and sustainable use
  • Targeted formula for biological wastewater treatment of refinery and petrochemical wastes
Technical Data Sheets: 
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