Soil Medic - Organic Treatment Compound

Soil Medic works as a biological stimulator, soil restorer, toxin binder and soil decomposer. Our Soil Medic molecules are extracted from raw humic substances, purified and concentrated thus forming a highly reactive material. Soil Medic can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with specific fertilizers and/or target-specific bacteria packages for the reduction of hydrocarbons or salts in impacted soils. Soil Medic is an excellent choice for breaking up highly compacted soils.

Features & Benefits
  • Highly active material both geologically and chemically designed to aid in the breakdown or organic matter
  • Highly purified and reactive material
  • Geologically interacts to form mineral complexes
  • Chemically interacts with elements for strong metal binding
  • Efficient cation/anion exchange properties
  • Qualifies for OMRI certification (Organic Certification Standard)
  • Can be easily combined with target specific bacteria for the remediation and removal of hydrocarbons and salts
  • Improves available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrients for plants
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity in soils
  • Breaks up clays and compacted soils
  • Increases water retention in soils
  • Increases soil potential and fertility
  • Works below the soil building to create a larger root mass and transport system for vital nutrients
  • Enhances the breakdown of plant residues
  • Improves potential yield and quality
  • Helps to release “locked-up” fertilizers thus making them immediately available to the plant
Technical Data Sheets: 
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