Phix I®

Phix I® is the only synthetic acid with similar reactive properties as sulfuric acid with none of the harmful side effects. Phix I® is non regulated by US DOT, Canadian TGD, non-fuming and will not corrode or rust most metals. Phix I® is OSHA and EPA compliant and carries a triple zero hazardous materials index score. Phix I® is 100% biodegradable in 10 days or less and is manufactured with ingredients set forth by Cleangredients as Environmentally Safer Ingredients.

Phix I® will not release any dangerous fumes and has been proven to pose no inhalation risk. Phix I® exceeds all US DOT corrosion requirements. Phix I® can be added to your water or become part of a self-monitoring application system you may currently use. Phix I® will easily neutralize any high pH base fluid, while emitting much lower exothermic reaction properties.

Features & Benefits
  • Effectively lowers and balances pH
  • Requires no secondary containment
  • Non-mutagenic
  • Outperforms conventional sulfuric acid
  • No disposal restrictions
  • 100% acid free • non-corrosive on most metals
  • FDA approved GRAS
  • Non-DOT regulated • non skin irritant
  • 100% readily biodegradable
  • Excellent for equipment cleaning, and scale removal pH adjustment
  • Safely lowers pH in processed fluids
  • Sulfuric acid for any traditional use of harsh acids