OF1073X-HPH - Organic Flocculent

OF1073X-HPH is an environmentally friendly treatment system that can effectively deal with the severe problems that are being encountered during the treatment of recycled frac water, produced water, impounded waterways and wastewater systems. Heartland’s OF1073X-HPH is based on a unique technology that binds heavy metals, reduces TSS levels and lowers the overall BOD/COD of the fluid being treated. Finally, companies can treat their water economically without incurring massive transportation expenses. After treatment, the water can be recycled and may be easily and quickly transported to the next location. OF1073X-HPH is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-regulated, and environmentally safe alternative to other common chemistries used today. It is highly reactive and is extremely friendly to use on site.

Features & Benefits
  • Effective method for the reduction and removal of heavy metals
  • An excellent treatment for the reduction of Total Suspended Solids
  • Simple, safe and in expensive treatment method
  • Comprised of long chain and volumetric molecules
  • Highly active material both geologically and chemically
  • Highly purified and reactive material
  • Geologically interacts to form mineral complexes
  • Chemically interacts with elements for strong metal binding
  • Efficient cation/anion exchange properties (CEC)
  • Qualifies for OMRI certification (Organic Certification Standard)
  • Can be easily combined with Xtreme Treatment Compound to achieve additional microbial benefits
  • Hydrochloric acid for any traditional use of harsh acids
Technical Data Sheets: 
PDF icon TDS - OF1073X-HPH.PDF2.58 MB